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What is the Pringle Hearing?

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Most people have never even heard of the Pringle Hearing – and no it has nothing to do with potato chips. If you’re ever arrested for driving while intoxicated and/or driving with more than .08% blood alcohol content – the Pringle Hearing will affect you.

If you blew at .08% or more a judge will immediately suspend your driver’s license under NY’s Prompt Suspension Law.  That is, unless your attorney knows enough to demand a Pringle Hearing.

The Pringle Hearing prevents the court from revoking your driver’s license at arraignment.  This means that you keep your drivers license and driving privileges at least until the court can schedule the hearing.

What many people don’t know is that you are allowed attorney representation at these hearings.  In fact, having an attorney present increases your chances of winning the hearing and keeping your driving privileges intact.

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