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A word to the wise in New Jersey this weekend – June 13th & June 14th Police DWI Check Points

Police Car Front Hood

A DWI arrest sucks. Your car gets towed, you get taken into custody, spend the weekend in jail. Then there are the lawyers, court, judges, and counseling. It ends up becoming a cash grab out of your pocket, and if you are convicted a life sentence of explaining and loss of job prospects.

Who needs it. So, avoid it. This weekend theĀ Monmouth County, New Jersey DWI Task force will be conducting DUI check points from Saturday, June 13th through Sunday June 14th. So don’t become a victim of the prison industrial complex, and don’t give a cop the satisfaction of locking you up and earning hours of overtime. Send the cops home with only their base pay. Drink all you want, but just don’t drive.