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Almost 4,000 NY motorists permanently banned from ever having driving privileges again under new tough DWI laws


Starting in September of 2012, New York State and the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles re-doubled their efforts to keep recidivist drunk and drugged drivers off of the road. These new laws and regulations are the toughest in the nation. Under the new regulatory scheme licenses and / or driving privileges of motorists who have racked up three or more DWI convictions in the past 25 years are suspended for at

least 5 years. Those who hit 5 or more convictions in their lifetime are permanently ineligible for driving privileges for life. This causes a huge problem, because if your driver’s license or privileges are suspended, revoked, or otherwise encumbered in any way in one state, no other state will issue you a driver’s license.

Since 2012 the total number of licenses lifted is 7,521. New York State has also permanently revoked license or privileges for 3,942 drivers who had five or more alcohol- or drug-related convictions in their lifetime. Some of the lifetime bans include motorists with less than 5 lifetime DWI convictions based on the fact that during the 25 year look back period they also committed some other serious offense, such as causing a fatal accident or racking up 20 violation points in 25 years. And even those that are eventually eligible to get their license or privileges restored, the privilege is a restricted use for at least 5 years, meaning that the drivers can only legally commute to work or go to doctor’s appointments. Additionally, during the 5 year restricted use period motorists are required to install an interlock device that will ensure their sobriety before their vehicle will start.

Notwithstanding these new regulations, our office has successfully represented clients since the regulations and law has changed who were initially denied re-licensing and, after our involvement were either immediately eligible for re-licensing, or eligible after a short waiting period. More information about what we do for clients in that situation can be found on our website here and here.