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We can help California drivers who receive New York tickets

Our office represents and defends many California motorists who receive speeding and other moving violation tickets in New York State. California motorists have our law firm defend them because receiving a New York conviction has the same consequences as if they received the conviction in California.

Many people from outside of New York State believe that they can simply ignore a New York ticket. Nothing can be further from the truth. Ignoring a NY ticket will cause the California DMV to suspend your driver’s license. Further, inasmuch as both New York State and  California are part of the interstate compact, if a California licensee pleads guilty “as charged” to a NY speeding or traffic ticket will cause the same license point and insurance problems as if the conviction occurred in California. California assesses one point against your driving record for out of state tickets, and your California auto insurance company will raise your insurance rates.

The good news is that our law firm can get your personal court appearance waived and go to court for you. If you are from California or any other state and receive a ticket in New York call us today!