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Facial recognition technology will get you busted if you try to get a fraudulent license

Thanks to advanced facial recognition technology, you cannot get away with dummying up ID and getting a license in another state. This is not only a felony, but will put a lengthy hold you ever restoring legitimate driving privileges.

In a recent case, both the New York DMV and New Jersey MVC joined forces and shared facial recognition technology. This led to the arrests of Magdy H. Elsheimy a/k/a Magdy Moustafa, Sidibe D. Sekou a/k/a Sekoudit G. Sidibe, and Jhon M. Gomez.  The drivers were charged with the felonies of filing false instruments and falsifying business records. This marks the first time two states have used facial recognition technology to combat license fraud across state lines.

If your NY State license or privileges are suspended the better practice is to clear the underlying suspensions. There are over 110 reasons a driver’s license or driving privileges can be suspended, many of them having nothing at all to do with something you did while driving. For example, you can be suspended for failing to pay NY State Income Tax, or for failing to pay child support. Other common reasons for suspensions include:

  • Failing to answer traffic tickets
  • Failing to pay fines
  • Failing to pay assessments
  • Bouncing a check written to the DMV
  • Failing to pay suspension lift fees
  • Insurance Lapse

If you receive a notice from the DMV that your driving privileges are revoked or suspended DO NOT IGNORE THE NOTICE! The notice gives you all the information you need to either clear your suspension or prevent the suspension from occurring. If you are confused or did not get a notice or found out after the fact that your license us suspended and do not know what to do, contact us for help. We are conversant in the language of the DMV and will get you back on the road in no time. In fact, not a month goes by that we don’t get suspended motorists back on the road! So if you are suspended and do not know where to turn call us today at 1-877-99-No-Tix.