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What Differentiates Our Speeding & Traffic Ticket Defense Law Firm From All Others

Not all law firms are alike. Even when judging law firms in the same practice area there is often not an apples to apples comparison. Simply put, lawyers and law firms are not fungible. This is why, when looking into retaining a lawyer or law firm it is difficult if not impossible to judge value solely on pricing.

In fact, pricing is the last thing that you should be questioning a lawyer about when considering whom or which law firm to retain. It is critical that you retain the right law firm to handle your legal problem because you only have 1 chance to get it right. You have to feel comfortable with the lawyer and law firm that you hire and trust in them that they are going to represent you competently, take your case seriously, and do the job for you as professionally as they can. Asking a lawyer to discount his price because another lawyer quoted you a lower price or that is what your sister Marge told you the price should be when she had a similar case in Seattle 13 years ago does not turn the wrong lawyer into the right lawyer, does not make them competent if you believe them to be incompetent for what you need, nor does it build any trust in the attorney client relationship.

Our firm law does not dabble in speeding, traffic ticket, and auto crime defense. We don’t do a few traffic tickets here and there for extra money. Rather, our firm specializes in speeding, traffic ticket, and auto crime defense. This is our core business, and a huge differentiating factor. Because of our specialization in speeding, traffic ticket, and auto crime defense law our reputation resides on this practice area.  As a consequence we take your case very seriously – it means something to us more than just the retainer fee.

However, that is only the start as to what differentiates our law firm from others. We go out of our way to be as accessible to the public as we can be. We have a toll free number (1-877-99-No-Tix, 1-877-996-6849) and a 24 / 7 answering service. An attorney from the firm often return call off hours and you will always receive a return call from a lawyer the day you called if you called during business hours or the next business day if we did not return your call off hours.

We are the only law firm that offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No other New York State traffic ticket law firm makes such a guarantee. This guarantee is huge, because we put our money where our mouth is by aligning our interests with yours. By doing so, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain my retaining us.

Our fee structure for service is value based. Simply put, our clients spend hundreds to save thousands. Our clients do not pay us a fee so much as make an investment. The investment our clients make is de minimis compared to the savings they will glean in time and efficiency by not having to go to court (we get our client’s court appearance waived), and in preventing often thousands of dollars in insurance increases.

Our law firm has hundreds of positive online reviews from satisfied clients on Avvo is an attorney profile review site. In essence, it is a Yelp for lawyers. We welcome the comparison of our Avvo reviews to other NY traffic ticket lawyers.

Unlike other law firms, we have built a practice and business model so that we can service clients ANYWHERE in the State of New York. In other words, we are not “local.” When you call our office for a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, or auto crime matter, we never say “we don’t go there.” or “no.” We ALWAYS SAY “yes, we can do that…” Even at the 11th hour when your court appearance is at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and you call us at 5:00 p.m. the prior day, we say “yes.”

You can find cheaper lawyers and more expensive lawyers. But it is this level of service and commitment to the the practice of ticket defense, the public, and the public which sets our law firm apart from the rest. If you have a NY speeding or traffic ticket and need service or legal advice don’t wait. Pick up the phone now and give us a call. The initial consultation is always complementary, and does not obligate you to proceed further with our office.