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Westchester County Justice Courts collect over 28 million in fees and fines

When you pay a speeding ticket or other moving violation, the local justice court and town or village that hears your case profits greatly from the fines you pay. The latest statistics paint a grim picture of the cash grab out of the local courts. In 2015 alone 11 local Westchester County town and village traffic courts collected 

$16,694,725.00 in fines. The rest of the Westchester County town and village traffic courts, 25 more, collected $11,600,765 in fines. That’s a total of $28,295,490.00 in speeding ticket fine collections in just the County of Westchester. Plus, these statistics do not include the City Courts of White Plains, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Rye, and Peekskill.

The list of fines collected  by court in the County of Westchester is as follows:

TOWN OF HARRISON                                    $2,820,117.50
VILLAGE OF PORT CHESTER                       $2,808,122.97
TOWN OF GREENBURGH                              $2,571,579.65
TOWN OF BEDFORD                                        $1,525,616.00
TOWN OF EASTCHESTER                               $1,502,954.75
VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK                         $1,223,151.27
TOWN OF YORKTOWN                                    $1,132,265.57
VILLAGE OF BRONXVILLE                             $1,054,948.00
TOWN OF OSSINING                                         $1,045,777.39
VILLAGE OF SCARSDALE                                $1,010,796.60
TOWN OF PELHAM                                            $858,118.90
TOWN OF MOUNT PLEASANT                        $787,315.90
TOWN OF CORTLANDT                                     $692,754.10
VILLAGE OF TARRYTOWN                               $654,395.00
VILLAGE OF TUCKAHOE                                  $646,614.65
TOWN OF MOUNT KISCO                                 $608,020.75
TOWN OF NEW CASTLE                                    $524,194.59
VILLAGE OF LARCHMONT                              $485,705.60
TOWN OF LEWISBORO                                     $424,521.53
VILLAGE OF PLEASANTVILLE                       $411,412.00
HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON                                 $377,736.46
CROTON-ON-HUDSON                                      $375,918.50
VILLAGE OF DOBBS FERRY                             $367,043.85
TOWN OF NORTH CASTLE                                $364,280.00
VILLAGE OF ELMSFORD                                   $345,946.00
TOWN OF MAMARONECK                                 $321,215.90
VILLAGE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW                        $320,742.50
VILLAGE OF IRVINGTON                                   $246,401.50
VILLAGE OF BRIARCLIFF MANOR                 $224,189.50
TOWN OF SOMERS                                               $214,142.00
TOWN OF NORTH SALEM                                 $204,223.00
TOWN OF RYE                                                       $203,063.20
VILLAGE OF ARDSLEY                                       $175,499.00
TOWN OF POUND RIDGE                                  $128,482.50
VILLAGE OF BUCHANAN                                   $58,617.00

The moral of the story is don’t let them take your hard earned money! Fight back! Not only are fines excessive, but when you plead guilty as charged to a speeding ticket your insurance will go through the roof with increases in premiums.

If you have been stopped in Westchester County or anywhere in NY State and received a summons we know you may have questions and concerns. Please pick up the phone and call is anytime 24 / 7 at 914-777-2990. Our lawyers are available around the clock to answer your questions. We speak to people all the time about their traffic tickets and we’d love to talk to you as well.