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Everything you ever wanted to know about NY State speeding ticket points in 11…8…6…4…3…

The number of points you will receive for being convicted of a New York State speeding ticket varies depending upon how fast over the speed limit you were convicted of exceeding. Speeding from 1 – 10 MPH over the limit is a 3 point violation. Speeding from 11-20 MPH over the limit is a 4 point violation. Speeding from 21 – 30 MPH over the limit is a 6 point violation. Speeding from 31 – 40 MPH over the limit is an 8 point violation. Speeding 41+ MPH over the limit is an 11 point violation. But wait, there’s more. 

Once a motorist hits a minimum of 6 accrued points in any given 18 month period the DMV tacks on administrative fines, called “assessments.” The assessment starts at $300.00 for 6 points, and $75.00 for every point thereafter. So pleading guilty to a 21 MPH speeding will accrue you a $300.00 assessment,  pleading guilty to a 31 MPH speeding will accrue you a $450.00 assessment, and  pleading guilty to a 41 MPH + speeding will accrue you a $675.00 assessment. Again, these are fines in addition to the court fine. But wait, there’s more.

If you are found guilty of 3 or more speeding tickets which were written in any given 18 month period, the DMV will revoke your driver’s license for a period of at least 6 months. A revocation is not a suspension it is way worse. It is a total extinguishment of your driving privileges as if you never had a license. You must make an application to restore your privileges when the revocation period is over. But wait, there is still more.

If your driving history accrues 11 or more points in any given 18 month period accrued from the dates the tickets were written the DMV will suspend your license for a period of at least 31 days. This suspension can be avoided, however, by taking this NYS DMV approved defensive driving course. Upon completion of the course you will be given a 4 point credit toward suspensions. In other words, you would have to hit 15 points in the 18 month period before the suspension is triggered, not 11 points. In addition, your auto insurance carrier will have to give you a 10% insurance premium discount for taking the course. Which leads me to my last point – speeding tickets trigger insurance premium increases for a period of 36 months.

The moral of the story – avoid NY speeding ticket convictions

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