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Don’t have the regret Robert did when he failed to hire us

The lawyers at Palumbo & Associates PC tell people day in and day out that defending a traffic ticket in New York State is no easy matter. It requires legal skill, acumen, and knowledge. It’s not easy and it’s not simply “going to court.” There is true value in what our law firm as speeding and traffic ticket 

defense professionals bring to the table which a lay person cannot possibly have. I can say it 1,000 times, but I think it is better to reproduce verbatim an e-mail I received from a client who did not retain us:

“Dear Mr. Palumbo,

I should have hired you. I defended myself during the trial and I lost. For one thing, I made one procedural error after another, as the judge made clear, e.g., “you can’t argue your point yet, because we are only collecting evidence at this stage”. I must have come across as a buffoon.

As a reminder, I moved into the center-lane on a certain road and turned left (which is what the center-lane is used for), but a policeman pulled me over anyway and inquired as to my intentions, since, so he explained, I drove much faster in the center-lane (although still below the speed limit) than the car that had been in front of me in the normal traffic lane. That car was having engine trouble and so was moving at only 5 mph.

Stupid me told the policeman that the center-lane may sometimes be used for passing, to which he replied, ‘oh, so your initial intention was to pass the car in front of you, even though the center-lane can’t be used for passing in that section of the road? Well, then, I’m going to give you a ticket for illegal passing, even though you merely turned left’.

During the trial, while I was questioning the witness, who was the policeman, I managed to get him to admit that I had only moved into the center-lane and turned left, and yet the judge found me guilty of ‘illegal passing’ anyway. I must be the worst attorney in the world.

By the way, I asked the judge to explain his reason for finding me guilty and he said, ‘I’m not going to do that because I’m not obligated to do that’.

The whole experience was humiliating, especially when afterwards, the prosecutor practically told me that I should have won, but that I hadn’t handled myself properly. I asked the prosecutor why he didn’t drop the charge, since he seemed to agree that I did nothing wrong, and he said, ‘because the policeman asked me to defend him against you’. Isn’t that strange? I noticed though that the policeman was quite nervous during the trial, as if he was the one on trial.

The whole thing was so unfair.

Again, I should have hired you.



Again, there is NOTHING simple about a court of law. There are specific ways of communicating with a court of law, preparing a defense, and doing discovery and disclosure, and gaining a tactical advantage and leverage at trial.

Don’t be Robert. If you have been given a speeding ticket or other moving violation don’t go it alone. Pick up the phone right now and give us a call at 914-777-2990. We speak to people every day about their tickets, and would love to discuss your case with you.