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NYPD BUSTED in ticket quota scandal. Ordered to pay 75 Million in damages!

In a June 12, 2017 NY Post article, it has been reported that a Manhattan federal judge OK’d a $75 million payout from New York City to settle a class-action lawsuit which accused the NYPD of issuing hundreds of thousands of bogus summonses to fill quotas. 

In a totally inapposite position by the NYPD, it maintained that it does not have a quota system, but nonetheless agreed to crack down on quota systems. I can’t figure it out either. However, the NYPD has stated its crackdown will include utilizing department-wide email reminding officers that quotas are wrong and must be reported.

The 75 million dollar payout covers false and bogus tickets written between 2007 and 2105 on tickets that were dismissed for lack of evidence. Each motorist will receive up to $150.00.  This number represents approximately 400,000 illegally quota driven tickets written in the 8 year period, or 50,000 per year. And this only covers tickets in which the motorist was not either falsely convicted or plead guilty by mail. Consequently, the actual number of falsely written tickets is likely much higher.

This is New York city’s second-largest monetary settlement. In his written commentary approving the settlement, Federal Judge Robert Sweet called it a “a game changer” for New York City. “This civil rights class action is the paradigm of change and progress achievable in a society under-girded by the rule of law,” Judge Sweet wrote in approving the settlement.