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NYPD traffic crackdown targets texting and speeding drivers

According to the NYPD, New York City drivers were slapped with 50 percent more speeding and texting tickets so far this year compared with the same period in 2016. There were more speeders caught in the Tottenville section of Staten Island than anywhere else.  

In Queens, the neighborhoods of Bayside and Little Neck had the highest number of drivers caught texting, while in Brooklyn’s East New York area saw the most people running red lights.

The traffic crackdown is due to Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic-related deaths in entirety. Cops have issued a total of 25,395 speeding tickets in the five boroughs this year, compared with 16,642 during the same period in 2016, or 52.6 percent more.

Tickets issued to texting drivers rose from 11,736 to 17,508 — or 49.1 percent — and red-light summonses have gone up 27.5 percent, from 19,462 to 24,815. In addition, officers and have issued 9.9 percent more summonses for hazardous violations in 2017.

The ticket blitz is going to get more intense

The NYPD’s proposed $5.6 billion fiscal 2018 budget includes nearly $550,000 to purchase 120 handheld laser speed-detection guns to be distributed in local precincts — ensuring each has at least three — and 15 vehicle-mounted ones for highway police.

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