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Former Judge, District Attorney, and Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro avails herself of her constitutional rights and successfully plea bargains a speeding ticket charging 119 MPH

Just because you were given a ticket does not mean that you must plead guilty to the charge. This is evidenced by the recent legal process in which Jeanine Pirro, a former NYS Judge and Westchester County, NY District Attorney, and current Fox News host availed herself to when she was accused of traveling 119 MPH in a 65 MPH zone in the Town of Nichols, NY in Tioga County. As you can imagine, being convicted of doing 54 MPH over the speed limit is a very serious offense. A conviction carries with it severe penalties. The court fine and surcharge would have been

as much as $693.00. The NYS DMV would have tacked on a driver responsibility assessment of $675.00. a 54 MPH speeding conviction is an 11 point violation which would have triggered a mandatory license suspension. In addition to that, the court can also suspend or revoke her license, and could have also sentenced her to 30 days in jail. While rare, when speeding in excess of 50 MPH the likelihood of a sentence of incarceration becomes real. Lastly, her insurance would have went through the roof.

So rather than suffer those consequences, she did what all people who get traffic and speeding tickets should do – she availed herself of the plea bargaining process. A plea bargain is a method to handle your case in between pleading guilty as charged and taking the case to trial to get the ticket dismissed. It i a negotiation between you and the prosecutor to enter a guilty plea, but to a lesser charge. In her case, she plead guilty to speeding, 30 MPH over the speed limit. Instead of paying over $1,400.00 in fines she paid no more than $693.00. Her license was not suspended, and she did not get any jail time. Her insurance will likely go up, but no where near as much had she been found guilty of speeding at 119 MPH.

Ms. Pirro can also now avail herself to this defensive driving course to have another 4 points scrubbed off of her driving record and prevent or mitigate any insurance increase.

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