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Have you been scammed by EZ Pass due to their new cashless tolls?


Since late 2017 all New York and New Jersey tolls have been cashless. This has caused undue hardship on both EZ Pass and non-EZ Pass users alike. It should have been easy and efficient. If you have an EZ Pass tag it scans it and 

you are appropriately billed. If you don’t then your plate is scanned and you are sent a bill. What could possibly go wrong? Well with the government that answer is everything.

The cashless system has been generating hundreds of thousands of mistakes and generating countless millions in false fines and penalties. The NY & NJ EZ Pass system is so backed up that by the time they send the notices your opportunity to contest is all but gone. This results in automobile registrations being suspended and matters being sent to collections with no recourse whatsoever.

The problems are severe. Many people have racked up tens of thousands of phony New York and New Jersey EZ Pass fines and penalties before they have the first inkling that there is a problem. Fines and penalties of $30,000.00 or more are commonplace.

But, there is a solution. A federal class action lawsuit has been commenced. If you would like to be a class representative or a class participant contact us immediately.

Please e-mail us your name, e-mail address, phone number, and a brief description of your particular problem. Or call us now at 914-777-2990.

If you e-mail one of our staff will immediately contact you, so when you do so have any papers you received from EZ Pass in your possession. If you call likewise call us with any papers you have in front of you.

Do not let EZ Pass get away with this. The allegations are that EZ Pass is unfairly charging excessive penalties above that of it’s contract, that they are violating due process rights by not giving any meaningful opportunity to contest the penalties, and that they are violating the federal fair debt collections act.

If you have been an EZ Pass victim ANYWHERE contact us at once at 914-777-2990 or via e-mail. We talk to people with similar issues every day and we’d love to talk to you and help!